Vessco Engineering Ltd

Vessco uses its experience in pressure vessels manufacture to fabricate similarly sized complementary products.

Structural and General Fabrications

Complementing Vessco’s work on pressure vessels and pressure systems, the company is able to use its principal fabrication competencies – plating and welding of steel – to manufacture products for a variety of different uses.

In 2008, Vessco manufactured a range of different structures including:

  • 12x Y shaped support columns for a 300m footbridge destined for Aylesbury, UK
  • Roofing supports for the new Cardiff City football stadium
  • 170m of 2mx2m ducting for Corus plc, Port Talbot, together with columns, platforms and pressurised dampers
  • An architect-designed floodlight arch for the new Llanelli Scarlets RFC stadium
  • A variety of skids, stairways and specialised fabrications primarily for UK based clients.

Vessco also has experience of manufacturing fabricated equipment for industrial clients, including a tyre baler, stainless steel kiln and hoppers, a number of container tilters, an industrial conveyor system etc. These units can either be customer-designed or can by designed by Vessco to the customer’s specifications.

We are frequently commissioned to manufacture structures to supplement the pressure vessel contracts – examples include platforms, vessel skids, ladders and walkways, support assemblies, pipe work spools and fan and plenum units.

Vessco is first and foremost a pressure vessel manufacturing company, but one which offers its customers a full fabrication package which starts with the pressure component and can extend to single sourcing the structural and supporting structures and their associated delivery services.

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Vessco are pressure vessel manufacturers and have manufactured vessels up to 150 tonnes and can complete ultra large columns and skids at dockside facilities in Barry or Swansea where road restrictions necessitate.

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