Vessco Engineering Ltd

Vessco uses its experience in pressure vessels manufacture to fabricate similarly sized complementary products.

Skid Packages

Given the enormity of Vessco’s fabrication facility and diverse skill set of its work force; assembly of small, large, simple or complex pressurized skid packages forms an on going part of the businesses development.

Some of our shop assembled skid units have, for example, included mainly mechanical equipment such as high and low pressure pipe work, heaters, bursting discs, pumps and valves. That said, we’ve skid mounted some of our own vessels complete with electrical junction boxes and a variety of other intricate instrumentation. Applications range from HP Fuel handling through oil/water separation service to bio-fuel incineration, to name but a few.

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Pressure Vessels

Design and manufacture of pressure vessels is Vessco’s core business....

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Vessco possesses considerable experience in the manufacture of pressurised columns...

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Heat Exchangers

Vessco Engineering design and manufacture shell and tube heat exchangers...

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Tanks and Drums

Vessco produces a variety of shop-built carbon steel and stainless...

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Structural and General Fabrications

Complementing Vessco’s work on pressure vessels and pressure systems, the...

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Vessco are pressure vessel manufacturers and have manufactured vessels up to 150 tonnes and can complete ultra large columns and skids at dockside facilities in Barry or Swansea where road restrictions necessitate.

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