Vessco possesses considerable experience in the manufacture of pressurised columns for the petroleum, LNG and petrochemical industries – including distillation, fractionating, filtration and scrubbing columns.

Typically very large vessels, Vessco has manufactured two 40 tonne bottom replacement sections, including the skirt, reboiler section and lower fractionation levels in stainless steel for an LNG plant in North Africa, with a further two replacement sections in stainless steel for demethaniser columns for another plant in North Africa. Working closely with the plant operator and local installation and Maintenance Company, Vessco provided on-site project supervision of the dismantling of the installed columns, including removal of the pipe work, removal of insulation, platforms, ladders and instrumentation. After the cranage operation, Vessco personnel cut the 40mm thick stainless steel column, prepped the edges and carried out the on-site welding of the repaired unit.

Vessco is, at the time of publication, engaged in a project for the design, fabrication, testing and delivery of two carbon steel columns – an 88 foot amine regenerator column and a 90 foot, 42 tonne deethaniser column.

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Vessco are pressure vessel manufacturers and have manufactured vessels up to 150 tonnes and can complete ultra large columns and skids at dockside facilities in Barry or Swansea where road restrictions necessitate.

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