Vessco Engineering Ltd

Vessco uses its experience in pressure vessels manufacture to fabricate similarly sized complementary products.

Experience & Clients

Vessco has customers in North America, Africa, Europe and Asia and has also delivered product to end users in South America and Australia. Over 60% of production over the past three years has been exported. Our respectful approach to culture and our responsive approach to customer service creates clear distinction for us in our chosen markets.


Ray DenneProject Manager at Petrochem Carless said:
“Excellent project management and fabrication of equipment, concluding with a very comprehensive documentation package, with thanks to all at Vessco”

Upstream Oil & Gas

The inevitable space restraints and harsh environmental conditions of most...

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Downstream Oil & Gas

From the enormity of Fractionation Towers to the smallest Pressure...

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Power Generation

Whilst involved in planning for the UK’s future Nuclear New...

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Water Treatment

The water industry uses a surprising array of pressure vessels...

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Vessels, exchangers and packaged skid solutions are required in most...

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Nuclear power

Vessco Engineering has been awarded a contract for two very...

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Vessco are pressure vessel manufacturers and have manufactured vessels up to 150 tonnes and can complete ultra large columns and skids at dockside facilities in Barry or Swansea where road restrictions necessitate.

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