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Vessco uses its experience in pressure vessels manufacture to fabricate similarly sized complementary products.


Founded in 2006, Vessco first began to fabricate air cooler header boxes and replacement bundles for refineries, but was also involved in general fabrication work in support of local industry requirements in and around South Wales. The company quickly established a highly-skilled workforce, enabling seamless commencement of trade in the field of pressure vessels and process equipment.

The first vessels produced were small, relatively low pressure filter type units destined for the UK market. In a short time, the company won larger orders for both the domestic and export markets, including three vessels exported to Ghana, 36 vessels for Abu Dhabi, six vessels for Singapore and eight columns for Algeria. It was already evident that Vessco was bound for rapid growth.

Vessco’s main shop has a total area of 50,000 sq. ft. with a height of 13 metres to the underside of the beams – allowing both tall and large diameter vessels to be handled with relative ease. The shop is spilt in to 2 25,000 sq ft totally segregated bays allowing both carbon and stainless steel contracts’ to be executed simultaneously without any risk of cross contamination. Large scale investment has been and will continue to be made for the company’s future as it strives to build upon its early success. The objective is to become the foremost pressure vessels business in the UK within five years.

Vessco gained ISO9001:2000 registration within its first six months of trading and has since become an ASME approved facility with licences to apply the ‘U’, ‘R’ and ‘NB’ stamps to its products. We are dedicated to producing high quality equipment at competitive prices. The company’s motto, ‘Engineering Excellence’, is inspirational, and underlines Vessco’s commitment to its customers, its service and its approach to business.

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Vessco are pressure vessel manufacturers and have manufactured vessels up to 150 tonnes and can complete ultra large columns and skids at dockside facilities in Barry or Swansea where road restrictions necessitate.

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